To provide our clients with high-quality medicines, medical devices and exceptional service. We are constantly working to provide patients in Ukraine with access to innovative and cost-effective products.


Every day, we do not get tired of setting ambitious goals for and achieving them, feeling proud of our work. We look at the world through the prism of endless possibilities and overcome obstacles to success with inspiration and passion.


The company carries out its activity in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, as well as is guided by internal regulatory and administrative documents. We value the trust of our partners and customers and our business reputation, so the main priority of the company is the legality and openness of its business processes. In their activities, each employee of the company strictly follows the ethical principles, fixed in “DEUTSCH PHARM” Corporate Code, the main basis of which is the respect for human life.


We work openly and honestly, taking care of our company's reputation as a reliable partner in everything. A reliable company is a responsible team of leading specialists whom you can always rely on and be sure that they will fulfill their obligations. Performance is the key word for us. We see all our activities as a process aimed at achieving the goal.


The best indicator of professionalism for us is a successful and harmonious combination of reliability, efficiency and innovative approach to the business that we build and develop every day. Unconventional and creative thinking, which contains the elements of criticism and analytical approach, is the basis on which our attitude to work, partnership, communication and life in general is built. Such an approach has an amazing ability to change life for the better and certainly leads to success. We know that for sure!


Our vision is to become the best pharmaceutical company in Ukraine in terms of experience, innovation and responsible entrepreneurship.